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"Catch it if you can" Game:

In the ``catch it if you can" game players are running though a 3D environment and try to catch moving objects and/or other players.

There are different types of moving objects: dumb objects that just move randomly, fast objects that move faster then the player can move but move predictively (to some different patterns), ``intelligent" objects that evade the players, and ``intelligent" enemies objects that are chasing the players and try to catch/eat them. All objects and players are physical. (Bonus extra features: (1) the players have a ``force gun", a gun that can apply a repelling force to other players and objects, (2) a jump button so the player can jump over other objects).

If you catch an object you obtain points (the amount is determined by the level of difficulty catching the object). You are killed if you are caught by an enemy object or by another player.

Specific Requirements

The game will be implemented using the C4 Gaming engine. The C4 engine provides the tools, such as graphics rendering, scene graphs, networking.

The following is a list of the features the minimal system should contain:

  1. Interface such that a non-expert programmer can customize the game. This includes the development of script elements (the non-expert uses scripts to develop a particular game play). Script elements include:
    1. spawn scripts (select object type and parameters to spawn an object),
    2. message scripts (display a message on the screen)
  2. All objects, including the player will respect each other (collision detection) and the environment.
  3. Sound effects are played if you catch an object, if you are caught, and a danger warning sound is played if an object or character is approaching you and there is danger that you could be caught.
  4. Worlds, Art work Provide at least two sample worlds such as a city and a forest environment. The types of objects should be identifiable by there shape. Other players should be animated, and look different then the default C4 Soldier character.
  5. User Interface: You are required to implement a splash screen, a menu system (choose network mode,character name, etc.), a current score report, and pop-ups if other players join/leave the game.
  6. Networking: The game has to be multi player and you have to implement a Server Mode (host a game) and a Client Mode (join a game and participate in play).
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