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After a NIDS detects an attack. An Alert is given. Alerts can be generated on real-time or run-time basis.

Reconfigure firewall Configure the firewall to filter out the IP address of the intruder. However, this still allows the intruder to attack from other addresses. Checkpoint firewall's support a "Suspicious Activity Monitoring Protocol (SAMP)" for configuring firewalls. Checkpoint has their "OPSEC" standard for re-configuring firewalls to block the offending IP address.

chime Beep or play a .WAV file. For example, you might hear a recording "You are under attack".

SNMP Trap Send an SNMP Trap datagram to a management console like HP OpenView, Tivoli, Cabletron Spectrum, etc.

NT Event Send an event to the WinNT event log.

syslog Send an event to the UNIX syslog event system.

send e-mail Send e-mail to an administrator to notify of the attack.

page Page (using normal pagers) the system administrator.

Log the attack Save the attack information (timestamp, intruder IP address, victim IP address/port, protocol information).

Save evidence Save a tracefile of the raw packets for later analysis.

Launch program Launch a separate program to handle the event.

Terminate the TCP session Forge a TCP FIN packet to force a connection to terminate.

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